Superior water by circulation.

Enchance your pool with the QuikCirc circulation system from Pentair-A&A.

The key to maintaining pristine, clear, and healthy pool water is an effective circulation system. The QuikCirc system works to vastly improve the quality of your water, by evenly dispersing chemicals and treated water throughout your entire pool via targeted circulation. Strategically placed rotating circulation jets push fresh, sanitized water all around your pool. And by circulating water from the bottom up, QuikCirc efficiently moves heated water to every corner of your pool, combatting unpleasant cold spots.

Your pool isn’t truly clean unless it’s well-circulated.

By keeping your pool water moving, more debris makes its way into the elegant AVSC main drain and the powerful QuikSkim Ultra – more effectively cleaning both your pool floor and surface. All in all, the QuikCirc circulation system helps promote clean pool water more efficiently, and with less energy and chemical usage, so you can spend less time scrubbing and more time swimming.

Get more out of your pool with an intelligent circulation system from Pentair-A&A.

Powerful G4 circulation jets spread fresh water and evenly disperse chemicals. Six to nine automatic rotating circulation jets placed in key areas on your pool’s floor keep your water flowing, creating a healthier, more refreshing pool experience.

QUIKSKIM ULTRA to collect more surface debris. The most powerful and energy-efficient pool skimmer available, the QuikSkim Ultra expertly skims the surface of your pool using venturi power instead of standard suction. This allows 100% of the skimmer suction to be directed at the main drain, for vastly superior debris removal.

AVSC DRAIN gathers debris from your pool floor. A critical part of the QuikCirc system, the AVSC is the safest and most efficient heavy debris drain on the market. The AVSC unblockable drain is certified by NSF International.

Working together, these great products create an affordable, thorough, and efficient circulation system for your pool.

With the QuikCirc system, pool ownership is both easy and rewarding.

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