Pentair - A&A water features ensure an enjoyable pool experience for everyone.

Water features can enhance even the most simple pools. Pentair - A&A Manufacturing offers a wide variety of water features to bring life and activity to your pool. Whether your pool is concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass, we have a solution for you. Talk to your Pentair - A&A builder to learn more.

Choose from three stunning fountain effects: Crystal Spray, Water Jet, and Water Lilly. All SplashDown options have adjustable heights, and when not in use, return flush to your pool floor. Available in White or Gray for both plaster or pebble surface pools.

Six custom-configured jets bring a continuous and ever-changing dancing water effect to your pool or yard. These height-adjustable nozzles retract flush with your pool floor when not in use. While designed for pools, LivingWaters can also be installed as a stand-alone feature to enhance your yard.

BubbleJet adds a touch of elegance to any pool with a pleasing bubbling display that is perfect for shallow water installations. Adjustable to depths of 4” to 8”, BubbleJet is available for plaster and pebble surfaced pools, and collapses flush with your pool floor when not active.

The AquaArch creates a shimmering arch of crystal clear water, with a range of up to 7 feet. These fountains can be installed in pool decks, planters, and a variety of other areas. Made from the finest quality solid brass.

Bring excitement and beauty to your pool deck with three different spray patterns (Water Jet, Fan, or Triple Spray) in one easy, interchangeable installation. Available in White, Gray, Tan, or Bronze, Pentair - A&A’s TrioDeckJet is flush-mounted to blend with your deck.

You can also use TrioDeckJet nozzles to customize a backyard splash zone with our Aquapark SplashPad. Ask your Pentair - A&A builder for more information.

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