A better cleaning head for a better clean.

The G4V is a revolutionary new cleaning head technology that incorporates the power of venturi with a laminar flow path design that will change the way you circulate and clean your pool. Available on new pools, this technology can also be retrofitted onto existing systems.

Significantly reduce pump speeds, lower operating pressures, increase overall system performance and save more than 50% on existing energy costs.

  • Better system filtration.
  • Cleaner and healthier water.
  • Increased heating efficiency.
  • Creates more even chemical dispersment.
  • Reduced maintenance needs.

Designed to work smarter.

Water from the pump is sent into the wide-mouth inlet of the cleaning head, traveling through a unique laminar flow path. As water exits the nozzle, the venturi design creates a vacuum, pulling additional water down throught the top of the venture cap. Combining with the water from the pump, this creates amplified flow output, resulting in substantially augmented hydraulic power and energy efficiency.

The next stage of automated cleaning and circulation.


More powerful water flow at no additional energy cost.


Wider coverage than standard cleaning heads.

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