AVSC Heavy Debris Removal

Pentair - A&A’s AVSC drain plays an important part in the circulation of your pool's water, while also effectively removing debris. Compared to standard pool drains, our AVSC drain is more efficient. It allows for both cleaning and circulation in one easily installable, safe, and energy-efficient drain. The AVSC drain is classified as unblockable and certified by NSF International. Because of its dual levels of entrapment protection, the AVSC drain provides the highest safety standards available among any drain on the market.

Save time and money.

Designed with a large opening for efficient and effective debris removal, the AVSC keeps your pool clean automatically. Its matching lid fits flush to the floor, allowing it to blend in with your pool’s interior surface.

The duel inlet design can be used for up to two pumps, providing versatility and eliminating additional drain covers in the pool.

  • Available in both Single & Dual Inlet models.
  • Perfect for spas and water features.
  • Available in multiple colors and finishes to match your pool.
  • Easy installation, including construction cover.

The safest, most efficient drain on the market.

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