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We have exciting news! A&A Manufacturing has been acquired by Pentair. Together, we will bring our combined experience, expertise, and ingenuity to better serve you and your customers.



In 1966, five men intent on manufacturing high-altitude balloons founded a company in suburban St. Paul, Minnesota, that they called Pentair, the Greek “penta” for the five founders and “air” for the products they planned to produce.

Pentair diversified quickly, venturing into industries ranging from plastic canoe manufacturing to computer software, to leather footwear, before acquiring a series of paper mills that would serve as the company’s core for nearly two decades.Known for a willingness to venture into new industries and its ability to find operating efficiencies, which would become the cornerstone for the Pentair Integrated Management System, the company transformed from a paper company to a tool company and ultimately a water company—all while delivering consistent growth and profitability.

Throughout the years, Pentair’s people, processes, and Win Right values have been at the core of its growth. As the company embarks on its next chapter in 2018 as a pure-play water company, Pentair is harnessing its unique technology, talent, tools, and thinking to deliver
smart, sustainable solutions for life.


Shasta Industries has been Arizona’s premier pool builder and remodeler for over five decades. In 1982, Shasta created A&A Manufacturing to address the industry need for an efficient, safe and low maintenance cleaning system. Today, A&A is the leading developer of innovative, time-saving products delivering what pool professionals and owners want most—a safe, clean pool that requires virtually no effort to maintain.

Ever since, A&A Manufacturing has been designing and building intelligent pool systems—for pools that not only clean themselves, but are energy efficient and eco-friendly, with everything made in the United States. A&A is constantly striving to create the best products available, not just in performance, but also in impact. They patent and develop innovative pool technologies that lead in the industry and continue to iterate and improve their designs. A&A believes that excellence comes from a commitment to continued progress and success.


On April 1, 2020, the acquisition of Pentair-A&A Manufacturing by Pentair Water became official. Already recognized as one of the top manufacturers in the recreational water industry, Pentair sent a clear message to the industry that they remain dedicated to the highest quality products for their dealers and customers. In the integration process that has commenced, Pentair brings a wealth of clout, credibility, and scale to Pentair-A&A Manufacturing and the in-floor cleaning and circulation space as a whole. Pentair’s commitment to cutting-edge innovation, superior customer service, and unmatched product quality will help to keep Pentair-A&A’s light shining bright in the specialty cleaning & circulation space for years to come!


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