Introducing Pentair - A&A’s in-floor pool systems.

The key to maintaining pristine, clear, and healthy pool water is an effective cleaning and circulation system. An Pentair - A&A in-floor system sanitizes, eliminates cold pockets, reduces heat loss, and ensures an even dispersement of chemicals—all by itself. This means more time saved, more money saved, and more of your life spent enjoying your pool.

Our unique cleaning head design is the core of our circulation systems.

The cleaning heads pop up and use powerful sprays of water to collect and remove dirt and debris, without any effort from you.

Our cleaning heads utilize water from the main pump, like standard jets, but also pull water from the top using the power of the venturi effect. This creates a far more powerful cleaning spray.

The combination of these two water sources creates a stronger jet of water, amplifying your pool’s cleaning power. 

When not activated, the cleaning head retracts, becoming virtually invisible in your pool’s floor.


More powerful water flow at no additional energy cost.


Wider coverage than standard cleaning heads.

The intelligent pool system.

Experience the most advanced pool cleaning and circulation available with Pentair - A&A in-floor systems. Discover the joy and ease of a self-cleaning pool that is faster, more powerful, and more effective than any other.

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    1. Pentair - A&A’s in-floor cleaning and circulation systems use a series of strategically positioned cleaning heads on your pool floor, steps, and benches to direct chemicals, circulate water, and remove debris. The cleaning heads push debris either toward the AVSC or PDR2 drain, or to the surface of the water to be picked up by the QuikSkim.

    2. AVSC / PDR2 drains gather debris from your pool floor. These are the safest and most efficient heavy debris drains on the market. The AVSC unblockable drain is certified by NSF International, and PDR is the most effective 10" VGB-compliant pool drain designed for heavy debris removal.

    3. QuikSkim catches the debris moved to the surface of the pool by the cleaning heads. It uses less suction from the pump, which makes it extremely powerful but energy efficient, saving you both time and money.

    4. LeafVac catches debris from the drains and skimmer before it reaches the pump basket, assuring an unimpeded flow for maximum energy-efficiency. Its oversized basket means less maintenance and more time between filter cleanings.

A pool isn’t clean unless it’s well-circulated.

Without proper and efficient circulation, your pool is subject to poor chemical distribution, pesky cold spots, and wasted energy.

Using a series of strategically positioned cleaning heads on your pool floor, steps, and benches, Pentair - A&A's in-floor systems circulate water and remove debris. With automatic 360° rotation, these advanced jets guarantee optimal cleaning and circulation.

A well-circulated pool uses less energy and requires fewer chemicals to maintain, meaning Pentair - A&A intelligent in-floor systems are not only better for your family, but also for the environment.

Pentair - A&A circulation systems efficiently distribute clean, heated water evenly throughout your pool for a fully enjoyable swimming experience.

Conventional systems only move water at the surface of your pool, creating perpetual cold spots, which causes poor sanitization and algea growth.

Good for your pool, for the environment, and for your wallet.

  • Circulates water completely for a cleaner, healthier, more enjoyable pool.
  • Reduces chemical use by dispersing them more efficiently.
  • Saves heating costs by introducting water at the pool floor for even temperature.
  • Significantly reduces energy usage when combined with variable speed pumps.
  • Easily retrofits to many existing in-floor cleaning systems.
  • The most powerful and efficient in-floor cleaning and circulation available.

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