Intelligent pool systems.

When it comes to pool cleaning, circulation, and safety, Pentair - A&A Manufacturing is the leading developer of innovative, time-saving products. Since 1982, we’ve delivered what pool professionals and owners want most—a safe, clean pool that requires virtually no effort to maintain.

We design and build intelligent pool systems—for pools that not only clean themselves, but are energy efficient and eco-friendly, with everything made in the United States. We are constantly striving to create the best product available, not just in performance, but also in impact. We patent and develop innovative pool technologies that lead in the industry, and continue to iterate and improve our designs. We believe that excellence comes from a commitment to continued progress and advancement.

Make time for the important things.

Make time for the important things.
Pentair - A&A products are a direct outgrowth of valued feedback from pool professionals and owners, intensive real-world field research, and experience gathered from our pool building roots.

We are committed to providing you with the most intelligent pool systems by offering technologically advanced, eco-friendly, and family-friendly products and services that create a pool experience second to none.

Pentair - A&A products are proudly designed and manufactured in the United States.


With the most advanced, eco-friendly, and safe products on the market, Pentair - A&A offers pool systems that are better for you and your family. Learn more about how our products enhance your backyard lifestyle.

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