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About A&A Manufacturing

Our Mission

We will become the highest quality, service motivated manufacturer of unique automated pool products in the swimming pool industry.

Company Overview

From humble beginnings in the lube bays of an old gas station, A&A Manufacturing has become one of the most distinctive and innovative pool product manufacturers in the world. With a current count of 15 patents and many patents pending, there will be no end to the constant innovation that has built A&A’s solid reputation. A&A Manufacturing has and will continue to be at the forefront of pool product technology.



A&A introduces a lifetime warranty on the Actuator Valve. Prior to this, all actuator valves carried only a one year warranty.


QuikSkim™ and LeafVac™ are introduced. The QuikSkim was the first successful use of the Venturi powered skimmer.


DekClor™ was a major breakthrough for A&A. This in-deck product fed chlorine directly, instead of the equipment pad where damage can occur.


Patent #6,022,481 is issued for Max Cleaning System. Due to this patent, only A&A in-floor cleaning systems can include a Venturi powered skimmer.


Patents #6,189,556, #6,325,087 and #6,539,967 are issued for the Tsunami Water Actuator Valve; A&A continues to be the front runner for in-floor technology. The Tsunami Valve (or T-Valve) created a more efficient water flow with less torque required to drive it.


Gamma 3™ Cleaning Head is introduced, adding another cutting edge technology to A&A’s in-floor cleaning systems.


The QuikPure™ Ozone Generator is launched. This system eliminates chloramines in the pool, purifying the pool water.


A&A Manufacturing celebrates serving pool builders for 25 years.

Patent Pending Both Concrete and Vinyl versions of the AVSC™ Drain are approved as stand alone main drains, meeting and exceeding all safety requirements.